DREMEL 3000-15 Multi Tool Kit

  • 31.500 KD
  • Product Code: DRF 013 300 0JB
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Multi-Tool – Quick. Compact. All-round.

    • For all of your precision DIY projects: carve, engrave, rout, cut, sand, grind, sharpen, polish and clean
    • Work on your projects for extended periods of time
    • Tackle your precision DIY projects straight away with the 15 included accessories
    • EZ Twist: Switch between applications within 1 or more projects easily

Functions and Advantages of DREMEL® 3000 (3000-15)

  • Variable speed - 10.000 - 33.000 RPM: more comfortable and better control when handling.
  • 130W motor: for optimal performance.
  • Soft grip: for reduced vibration and a better handling.
  • Included Accessories (15)

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