DREMEL 8220-1/5 Kit

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  • Multi-Tool - Cordless. Luminous. Max power.

    The cordless Multi-Tool for the more demanding DIY’er

    The perfect kit to start giving all your indoor and outdoor DIY projects a perfect finish

    Free of any cords – take the tool anywhere and tackle all your indoor and outdoor carving, engraving, routing, cutting, sanding, grinding, sharpening, polishing and cleaning projects

    Clearly see everything that you’re doing. The LED light allows you to easily work in dark areas and improves precision in all of your projects.

Tackle all your detailed indoor and outdoor DIY projects with just one Multi-Tool. This cordless power tool runs on a 12V lithium-ion battery and is as powerful as corded Multi-Tools. Go from cutting and grinding to sanding and polishing with the greatest precision. The LED light enhances your visibility and even allows you to work in dark areas. The motor brake stops the accessory from spinning immediately after switching off the tool. This allows you to lay it down right after use and proceed to the next step of your project. Save time on switching the interchangeable accessories with the integrated wrench in the EZ Twist nose cap. Go from coarse to fine to a perfect detailed finish.

Functions and Advantages of DREMEL® 8220 (8220-1/5)

  • Running on a 12V lithium-ion battery, this cordless power tool maintains power and performance on both your indoor and outdoor projects.
  • With rotary speeds varying from 5,000 to 35,000 RPM there is no limit to the tasks you can undertake. The 8220 gives you endless possibilities for your precise DIY projects.

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