Dremel 9100 Fortiflex 300W

  • 107.000 KD
  • Product Code: PTF 013 910 0JB
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Heavy duty flexible shaft – Work precisely for extended periods of time with complete control over your stationary projects

    • Powerful (300W) motor provides high torque at low speeds
    • Precision hand piece is engineered for control and comfort even with extended use
    • Heavy duty flexible shaft includes a patented bearing system for durability and cool operation
    • Variable speed foot pedal allows you to match the speed with the application, hands-free
    • Interchangeable handpiece is compatible with other flex shaft tools
    • Included Accessories (21)

The Dremel Fortiflex is a high-quality precision tool, consisting of a powerful hanging motor (300W), a patented heavy-duty flexible shaft, an exchangeable precision handpiece and a foot pedal for variable speed control (0-20.000rpm). This makes it the ideal tool for stationary projects, like woodworking, jewelry making, stone working, car restoration, or any project where a combination of power and precision is required. The Dremel Fortiflex: power meets precision.

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